Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Harvest Moon Hustle 2017

Hello! I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! I know, it's Tuesday. Here is my weekend in a nutshell!! Started off by taking Friday off from work. Best. Decision. Ever. I worked on my quilt, watched movies, played with my dog, and freaked out over my last 10k of the season! The Harvest Moon Hustle 10k! The last 10k of the BRIN Series this year!

Here I am at the finish line! Yay!

The medal is awesome. It's a bottle top opener. I finished in 1:03:40, which is a 10:15 pace! Sweet deal. Plus, the race started at 7 p.m. I bought a headlight because they suggested it in an email. It was a VERY good idea. Especially for 2 left feet little me! I've already fallen twice in the past 1-1/2 years (that doesn't include falling off my bike in Idaho). I do NOT need to make it a habit!

I went in for a sports massage on Thursday. OMG. Also best decision ever. Hurt so good! My calves are ridiculously tight! Someday they will work themselves out. SOMEDAY. I'm so glad I went in for that.

Anyway. That about sums up my weekend! It was a fun race with lots of people watching! Once more race this year, and then I'm done. I think. 😉

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Buffalo Run 2017

The Buffalo Run!! It's a fun race, but it's HARD. Oh so many dang hills! Sigh. But, I did it! I ran it in 51:57:00. A 10:24 pace! Yay! Makes me happy, especially since I'm coming back from an injury! I have another race coming up. The Harvest Moon Hustle. That is on Friday this week. It's the last 10k of the BRIN series! Then I get my medal! Yay medals! 😀

Here are a couple of pictures from the Buffalo Run:

I look excited, right? Ha! I knew it was going to be hilly, I wasn't sure how it was going to go.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend 2017

Whee!! What a weekend! I drove almost 2,000 miles! I have friends in Idaho. Driving from Nebraska to Idaho by myself was pretty elating! 😎 It was a very pretty drive, both ways! Blue skies all the way! Except for the smoke, it was gorgeous. Even that made the sun really neat to watch.

We ended up camping in a camper one night and camping in a tent another night. Apparently, I have camped before...when I was 2. That doesn't count! Ha. This was fun. Check these out:

I even got a decent run in! I have no idea how far I ran, I forgot my watch at home! Also, the cell service up there was sketchy. This sucked to run on, but it was still fun. I'm glad I had my hiking boots on!

GORGEOUS sunrise. Almost everyone else was asleep.

This was taken on our way up to the campsite the next day. The river was so pretty!

I had a few panic moments when I thought there was a bear (there wasn't) and when we went legit mountain biking (gulp). This girl just got back in the saddle a little over a year ago after a 10 year hiatus. I am not coordinated, nor do I have any balance whatsoever. My right leg is pretty banged up, bruised, and scratched from where I half fell a few times. Check out the pictures!

I also didn't realize exactly HOW terrified I actually am of bears. I mean, I know I am scared of them, but holy cow. That was insane.

Thanks to my friends for hosting me and making it a weekend I'll never forget! 😏

Monday, August 28, 2017

Nebraska State Fair!

That was such a fun weekend! I met up with a friend in Grand Island, Nebraska for the Sate Fair! I haven't been to the fair since it was in Lincoln. It was a nice change of pace compared to the work week.

These bunnies! So cute. A woman walked by and said they look like Doberman Bunnies! Ha!

Tuna Salad in a cucumber! Little too sweet for my taste, but at least it was a vegetable!

LOOK at this beautiful horse! Belgian Horses are HUGE. I'm not very tall, but DANG. Their hooves were massive.

I'm not sure what kind of horse this was, but huge as well. They were gorgeous and so gentle!

676 pound pumpkin.

Ha. This was funny.

We couldn't figure out where the water was coming from. It was a fossil and gemstone station for the kids (big and small). We were so confused!

This little baby lost its mother. :( We had rain, and I think she was swept up with the waterway. The other kittens are eating on their own, but this one is the runt. Hopefully she/he will be okay. I named it Tux. :)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Two Posts in one week?

I know, right? What just happened? ;-) Ha.

This week has been a little easier than the last. Kind of. Less tears, more sullen, I suppose.

Yesterday, I met some of my family at Toast in Lincoln for supper. I don't think they have a thing on the menu that I haven't liked so far! I got the Caesar Wrap with chicken. So good! They overdid it with the black olives...just a few do the trick! I felt like I was a little too sullen that day. :-( I'm trying, but things are still really hard right now.

My ex's parents are married to different people, so I felt like I lost two families when we split up. I feel like he took the rug out from underneath me and the floor disappeared. The free-fall isn't so startling this week, but it's still present. We are supposed to meet for dinner one night this week or next, hopefully that will be a positive thing. I want to help, but I can't. My grief right now is very great and raw. I'm not sure how to navigate this 'friend' thing yet, I'm not sure what that means to me.

My mom posted the quote, 'What if I Fall? Oh my Darling, What if you Fly?' My wings may be broken, but since Halloween is coming up, I guess I need to find myself a broomstick to make up for what I lack right now. ;-) I'm not sure what that means, but I'll figure it out.
On the Crohn's front:  It was a little bit of a struggle this week. I left so quickly over the weekend, I didn't really think about packing proper food for myself. You would think hanging out with a bunch of farmers would mean at least some sort of vegetable. ;-) I loaded up on salsa and things like that, so it wouldn't be a total catastrophe! I am feeling the effects of that weekend. Lots of water and good food this week to counteract it.

Oh, and I am so irritated. I was supposed to have a beef brisket for my lunches this week, but the only briskets I found were HUGE and cost $45 and above!! What?? C'mon guys. I realize that beef brisket is something that you only buy for huge parties, but I digress. Sigh. Next time I'll do a little more digging. I only went to one grocery store because I was in a hurry.

My running needs some work. I am being lazy, and it's showing!! It's staying darker in the mornings and it's hard to get up and just get it done! I need some motivation.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Eclipse Weekend

Hello!! I hope everyone's weekend was amazing.

Mine started out hard. I went for a run on Saturday morning and mowed my lawn. Break ups are just heartbreaking. I went to see him on Saturday afternoon after I finished all of my work at home. I guess it's really over now, but at least now I know where we stand. It really sucks losing someone you love completely to the unknown. He doesn't know where to turn, and I can't help him with any of it.

I made the split decision that night to visit a friend that lives a few hours from me. I called her telling her what went down, and she suggested that I come out to visit and stay for the Eclipse Party. I packed up my stuff, dropped my dog off at my parents' house, and off I went.

That break was exactly what I needed. Took a breath (okay, lots of breaths), gave myself some space to process and deal with it all, and I had a wonderful time in northern Nebraska. I even called in on Monday so I could enjoy the Eclipse with my friend.
The Eclipse of 2017!! What a wonderful experience! Holy cow! I really thought everyone was CRAZY to come all the way here from everywhere imaginable. (I had heard there were people here from England!) That was awesome to see, as well. The drive home was....interesting. It required a certain amount of patience and I avoided I-80 at ALL cost. Smartest decision ever. ;-)

We had quite the spread of food. Burgers, hot dogs, chips and salsa, deviled duck eggs (yes, really!), and even cupcakes! I am going to be dreaming about those deviled duck eggs for a very long time. I have two friends that I get duck eggs from. I love them so much! They have more flavor, and they are bigger than a chicken egg. Win-win! ;-) Ha. Here are some pictures from the weekend!

This is the view her parents have every single day:

My crazy, amazing friend:

The 'boys' and Charlie the donkey!! They were soooo sweet!

Here are my friend's chickens! Their eggs are delicious:

Here are the ducks. Their eggs are even MORE delicious:

This is at totality. Gorgeous 360 sunset. Absolutely gorgeous:

The clouds out here were so weird. It had stormed the night before; there was even a tornado!

Here is a panoramic picture I took. 

  Can you see the star?

The sun and the star:

That was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had with nature. This weekend started out so painful, and ended with a sense of calm and clarity. I have an idea of what to do next, so I better get started!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

OK, I May Have Lied.....

I may have lied the other day. Just a tiny bit. I MAY have signed up for another race. ;-) Ha. I signed up for the Buffalo Run 5 miler. That was fun last year, so I'm going to do it again this year. $20 for 5 miles, and I get a pair of shorts instead of a freaking T-shirt? Yay! The shorts from last year were really cute! It will be interesting to see what they come up with this year.

I haven't said much about my Crohn's Disease lately. To me, it's completely gone. I feel like a new person, and have for a very long time! It's amazing what the right nutritionist can do for someone! I am on the Jason Pearson Diet. Diet being loosely used here, by the way. Some days are harder than others (willpower and all that!) but I am still going strong. I've been off my medication since November of 2016!! (!!!!!!!!) I've had a few slips here and there, but I think it's just dry skin that causes issues, and probably not eating enough fat some days. I can't even tell you how much better life is on that front. Now to get the rest of my life figured out, and I'll be set!