Thursday, September 29, 2016

Buffalo Run 5 Miler - September 11

My first actual race was the Buffalo Run! It was the 40th anniversary for the run, that was exciting! The run was held at Pioneer's Park in Lincoln. Such a fun race, and the weather was so nice! A brisk 55 degrees and sunny. Best running weather ever.

Technically I PR'd. I've never ran 5 miles before, so that was cool. My finishing time was 48:52 with a pace of 9:47. I was ecstatic that my pace was under 10 minutes! I think the excitement of the race helped with that. Ha!

My next race is a 5k/10k on Saturday in Sidney, NE. It's a Halloween costume party. I'm planning on running the 10k in an Ariel inspired costume. I even have Sebastian to put on my shoulder while I run! Pictures to follow, assuming I don't die. ;) Can't wait!